Reseñas de discos... (Reviews of records)


Split 10" Apatia No / Fallas del Sistema:

"Southamerican anarcho punk attack delivered by 2 dedicated bands! This is actually a split where I can't tell which band I prefer. They're both a brand of their own and deliver fucking excellent uptempo hardcorepunk! Apatia No storming through 6 raging tracks with fe/male vocals. Melodic stomping and fast and aggressive. Lyrix dealing mostly with the "problems" that you're facing if you trying to move from a so-called "3rd World country" into the rich and privilegded world of the "western civilization. Fallas Del Sistema from Mexico are more midtempo based with downtuned guitars. Aggressive and desperate. Lyrix getting delivered by 2 singers, who shout out their anger and rage. The record is wrapped into a beautiful designed fold out poster. Lyrix are translated into english. This is a record that has spirit and is one of those that keeps me going!" (Skuld Releases MailOrder Catalogue, Germany)

"A split LP between two of Latinamerica's best anarcho-punk bands going today: @PATIA No from Venezuela and FALLAS DEL SISTEMA from Mexico. Comes with a large fold-out poster with lyrics on one side and an anti-ware themed poster on the other. Sadly this record says "pay no more than $8" on the cover, which makes us look like a bunch of assholes for charging a realistic price for 2005" (Profane Existence Web Distro, USA)

"This is a great pairing of two very outspoken anarchist punk bands from South America. @patia No are from Venezuela. Fallas Del Sistema are from Mexico. Their lyrixs also are really great and writing about the anti-global capitalism (like WB, FTAA, IMF), anti-borders, escape from this "real" world, animal liberation and Zapatistas etc" (Acclaim, Japan)

"Apatia no with the best apatia no songs ever. super political anarchopunk. and the recordings are much better than on the last records. FALLAS DEL SISTEMA (mexico) doing typical southamerican hc-punk. i guess, if you like apatia no, than you will love fallas also." (Alerta Antifascista Web Distro, Germany)

"Nos encontramos con esta gran edición, que reune a 2 bandas con un espectacular sonido, por ambas partes, Fallas del sistema nos trae 4 nuevos temas con un sonido mas punk que antes.. mientras Apatia No con sus 6 nuevos temas describen su trayectoria musicos ya que muestran mucha calidad y son un reflejo a la vez de mucho trabajo ......." (Corrosión Cerebral, Peru/Spain)

"Primero por lo que veo de este disco, brutal portada, un collage dividido por un dibujo que hace referencia a la muerte de un inmigrante deportado, una parte del collage (apatía) con fotos del "peo" inmigrante alrededor del mundo y el otro (fallas) fotos de los zapatistas. El booklet contiene las líricas de ambas bandas, la historia de cómo se hizo el disco (todo un clásico de @patia no) y cuando abres todo el booklet se transforma en un póster (muy a lo Crass) referente a las fronteras. Todos los dibujos brutales hechos por Eric a mano. En cuanto a la música @patia no trae un sonido mucho más brutal. rápido pero con la misma sencillez que los caracteriza. Con un sonido más rapido, con guitarras mucho más chillonas y cambios que no pueden ser mejores. La grabación sin duda es la mejor que jamas halla tenido el @punk venezolano. Las letras en su mayoria estan relacionadas con el "problema" inmigrante en el mundo, sin duda el mejor disco de @patia no. En cuanto a Fallas del sistema, la primera canción un sonido totalmente nuevo, con voces mucho más crust y un sonido totalmente oscuro, el resto de las canciones siguen en la misma línea, por supuesto brutales con ese sonido que demuestra que el @punk furioso no necesariamente tiene que ser súper rápido. Las letras van desde el himno zapatista hasta la lucha por la liberación animal. Para agregar viene una edición limitada, numerada y con parches de ambas bandas. Para mí, uno de los mejores discos @punk hasta ahora" (El Libertario # 45, Caracas/Venezuela)

Split 7" Protestera / Apatia No:

"Various fuckups delayed this one for years!! Now it's finally done and the curse is over! Cool songs from both bands - 4 raging crust-punk tunes from Apatia No and 2 fast & powerful Anarchopunk trax from Protestera. The 7" comes in a full-colour cardboardsleeve with a 16-pages booklet for each band filled with Lyrix, translations and infos about their songs!" (Skuld Releases MailOrder Catalogue, Germany)

"@PATIA NO hail from Venezuela, but have recently relocated to Germany, and this is their first recordings since the move. Offered up here are four new tracks of raw anarcho-punk / crust with angry lyrics sung in Spanish. Protestera are from Sweden and also have been belting out awesome female-fronted anarcho-punk since the 1990's. They have two songs here, recorded during the same session as the Zorra EP and perfectly exemplify why this band is so damned good. This EP comes jam-packed with information, and contains two booklets with lyrics and information from eachband (all translated into several languages). Definitely one of those "must have" type of records! NOTE the CD version comes with the exact same packaghing as the 7", including all the booklets and extra goodies. " (Profane Existence Web Distro, USA)

"This is one of those 'dream come true' type of records. Pairing up 2 highly political anarchopunk bands like Apatia No and Protestera is nothing short of brilliant. Apatia No have been going at it for some time now and this is some of the best material that they have ever released. Dual vocals over great South American style aggressive anarchist punk music with very political lyrics. Great stuff. Protestera are from Sweden and have been raging for a while too. After releasing one of the most inspiring LP's I've ever heard they follwed it up with a great 7" release and now this split. They too just seem to keep getting better and better with each release. Amazing!" (Catchphrazerecords Records Web Distro, Usa)

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